Nayeli is a Dreamer

Nayeli is a Dreamer


About Nayeli

I am 22 years old, and I am from the Estado de Mexico, Mexico. I was brought to the US when I was six years old and have lived here ever since. I am currently a senior at Lipscomb University and will graduate in December 2017 with a B.S in web application development and a minor in marketing. DACA helped me to build a foundation for my life in the States by allowing me to come out of the shadows and begin living a more "normal" life in a place I call home. I was able to pursue my dream of attending college and becoming the first to ever graduate from a university. DACA allowed me the opportunity to become a chance and hope for my family.

Attending college alone has given me the ability to pass down my experience and become a guide for those behind me to get to college as well. Before me, we have had no one to look to for college advice, so the dream seemed almost impossible and discouraging. Through pursuing my degree, I have learned that Latinos and African Americans are some of the most underrepresented minorities in the tech field. Therefore, with DACA, I hoped to help change that and teach other minorities who may want to join tech but may lack the knowledge, experience, or courage.

My first dream is to create or take part in a business that provides change and opportunities for other cultural groups. My second dream is to contribute to the breaking down of the digital divide by teaching minority groups how to use technology to help improve their business or everyday lives.

My final and maybe my greatest dream is to be able to support my parents financially so that they can finally retire. They have sacrificed their lives and time so that I could have a better future, and I only wish to be able to repay that back.

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