Luz Divina is a Dreamer

Luz Divina is a Dreamer


About Luz Divina

I came to the US from Aguascalientes, Mexico when I was two months old. I didn't know I was undocumented until sophomore year of high school when I realized I couldn't get a drivers' permit, apply for jobs, and go to college programs like all my friends were doing. I felt depressed and oppressed for years until I finally applied for DACA when Obama implemented his executive order. I finally had a chance at the real world. I started a collective in high school named "The Luzdivina Collective" that helped Dreamers in my high school and victims of social injustice in my community. I am currently trying to get into education - either ethnic studies or art (maybe both). The announcement of DACA ending has put me back into a state of depression, but I'm trying my hardest to overcome this with the help of my friends and family. 

My dream is to be an educator, activist, and writer. To inspire Dreamers like myself who are currently or have been in a state of depression due to their legal status. 

Download Luz Divina’s and other Dreamer’s posters for print here.

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