Andrés is a Dreamer

Andrés is a Dreamer

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About Andrés

I came to the US from Ecuador when I was four years old. I grew up and studied in South Florida where I excelled in math and science. I learned about my immigration status when I applied to college and found out that I didn’t qualify for 98% of the aid available to students. Because of merit-based rewards and the huge recurring sacrifice of my parents, I received my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Honors College at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. I was then granted a fellowship that allowed me to continue my studies and earn my M.S. in Industrial Engineering at no cost to me or my family. After earning my two engineering degrees, I was ready to apply what I had learned, and so I turned to the job market. 

This path was only possible because of DACA. I have been working as a Technology Consultant since I graduated and had continued to thrive there. The ability to help my family has motivated me to remain a top performer during my time with this firm. My parents sacrificed everything for my siblings and me - their careers, safety, money, comfort, community - all to help us achieve a better life. Now that I can earn a very good income, I take such great joy in lifting and supporting my family. But my impact ripples far beyond my family. My work has helped improve and streamline operations at various top US firms across industries and states. There are new US-based jobs created because of my job. There is also more profit for the local companies that I have worked with. My story is linked with growth and prosperity among severe trials and challenges.

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Illustrations made by Pablo Stanley, designer and co-founder at Carbon Health.