About Dreamers

What is DACA?

Daca is a federal government program created in 2012 under Barack Obama to allow people brought to the US as children the temporary right to live, study and work legally in America.

DACA applicants had to be younger than 31 years old when the program began. They also had to prove that they had lived in the United States continuously since June 15, 2007, and that they had arrived in the U.S. before the age of 16.

Those signing up for DACA must show that they have no criminal records, be enrolled in high school or college, or serve in the military. Their status is renewable every two years.

Who are dreamers?

Those protected under Daca are known as “Dreamers” (sometimes spelled “DREAMer”)  and around 800,000 have been granted approval.

The term DREAMer is derived from a legislative bill, first introduced in 2001, called the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act. It has yet to be approved by Congress. These are young people who are American in every way except on paper. 

Why your participation matters

DREAMers need your help to pass the DREAM Act. The Dream Act has been introduced several times to Congress since 2001. We cannot let talented individuals go when America needs more people like them. Both the Senate and House of Representatives have a lot on the Agenda from the debt ceiling to tax reform this fall. Democracy works when we all work together. A phone call to your representative can help them prioritize the DREAM Act. Only when we show in numbers, we can make a difference.

Dreamer Stories

Dreamer Stories

Illustrations made by Pablo Stanley, designer and co-founder at Carbon Health.