Fernanda is a Dreamer

Fernanda is a Dreamer


About Fernanda

I arrived at the US at the age of 2 wearing a pink parka and matching pants, clutching onto my mom. She carried a single bag and abandoned her family in search of a better life besides my father in the US. My dad was already in Alabama, waiting for us. In the year before his decision to leave Mexico, he had been assaulted five times and had already had his wedding band stolen twice. Since arriving at the states, they've been able to start four businesses and create jobs. They've purchased two cars and have put me through college. They also have helped their U.S. born son reach his goals of being a professional soccer player—he is on the Olympic Development Program team for the southeast region.

I'm a DREAMer because my parents dared to dream of a better life for me.

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Illustrations made by Pablo Stanley, designer and co-founder at Carbon Health.