Claudia is a Dreamer

Claudia is a Dreamer


About Claudia

 I am a dreamer. At the age of five, my family brought me to a country I would call home. I had to learn a new language, a new culture, a new way of life.  I was brought here by hard-working, loving parents who only wanted what was best for my future. Running away from poverty and leaving family behind in the hope of a better life. DACA allowed my to have a chance at a better tomorrow. I am now a medical assistant and a third-year student at the University of Utah.

Taking away DACA would remove the privileges that I hold dearly. I am not an “illegal alien” nor am I a criminal or a rapist. I am a human; I am 1 of the 800,000 dreamers who thrive for a better future. America is my home. I didn’t choose to be undocumented, but I do decide to keep fighting for what is right and keep moving forward. Undocumented and unafraid. I am a dreamer, and I am here to stay.

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Illustrations made by Pablo Stanley, designer and co-founder at Carbon Health.